Sally is a former Junior High Science Teacher at St. Pascal School
and Attended Northeastern Illinois University & University of Northern Iowa and Marquette Public School Sally is also a screenwriter. Please have a look at the first act of Sally's latest script, Beyond The Cart

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Sally's excerpt from EngAGE Featured in New York Times Article, "For Healthy Aging, a Late Act in the Footlights" by Tina Rosenberg

What kind of old age will you have? Many of us look forward to spending retirement expanding our world — traveling, trying what we never had time to do, taking classes that give us new knowledge and skills. These activities are not only desirable in themselves, they help us to live longer and healthier lives.

Sally's excerpt from a article entitled, "Senior Arts Colonies: “Come Ready to Play"

At first, Sally Connors objected when her daughter brought her to visit the Burbank site. “It says ‘Burbank Senior Arts Colony,’” recalls Connors. “But I’m not an artist.” “But you could be,” replied her daughter. For Connors, the transition didn’t take long. “I joined everything,” she says. “I went to every class they offered. And still do.” Besides painting, film making and writing – plays, poetry and screenplays – Connors has found her home as an actress, recalling her first tentative line delivered on stage. “People laughed,” she recalls. “And I was just blown away. They found something I said was funny. And a star was born.”

Sally Connors Under The Stars

Here's Sally singing Sentimental Journey and Blue Moon. She is a super talent and an incredible lady! Fourth of July weekend got underway early as the Burbank Senior Arts Colony presented “Music Under the Stars” as a prelude to the holiday festivities.

Here's an article from the Burbank Leader from 2008 about the event:

On The Town: Finding ways to celebrate the Fourth July 09, 2008|By DAVID LAURELL Thursday evening saw hundreds of residents and guests gather on the Grand Patio of the East Verdugo Avenue arts complex to enjoy a musical walk down the lane of memories. The Betti Vincent Quartet featuring Jeff Margraf and Corky Merrill backed up the evening’s headlining vocalists, Diane Vincent, Jackie Love, Joseph Caro and Sally Connors, who treated the assemblage to standards such as the 1933 hit “Paper Moon,” Doris Day’s “Sentimental Journey,” a sultry version of “Blue Moon” and Irving Berlin’s “Steppin’ Out With My Baby” from the 1948 musical “Easter Parade.”

Keys, Guns and a Crystal Ball - An Original Screenplay by Sally Connors

Here's a screenplay I produced and wrote.
Presented by the BSAC Players - Jun 9, 2012 7PM BSAC

I have explored writing, singing, acting and painting since I moved to BSAC. I enjoyed every one of them, but writing is my passion.

About Sally Connors by CJ Davidson

I the 23 years of living in Los Angeles, Sally Connors is perhaps the most compassionate lady I have ever met. Sally was there for us when my wife, Karin-Marie underwent colon-cancer surgery throughout her chemo-therapy and still helps today. If I could name a single person for saint hood, it would Sally Connors. Even during our tough times, Sally is helping us by hiring me to give her an on-line presence and by jingo, that is what I intend to do! As her webmaster and on-line marketeer, I intend to give her the best service and get her listed on the front page of Google, Bing and Yahoo.

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