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Look at my beautiful cat, Amelia. She has been losing weight lately. Trips to the vet are too traumatic. Medicine they gave her made her sick. Just finished talking to my psychic cat lady. She received many images from Amelia that were dead on. Like the color of my bedspread where Amelia likes to sleep. Her favorite toy. How a male (probably my cat Gambit) gets in her space. Really enjoyed talking to her. About Amelia 's health issue - she isn't hurting anywhere but she always has a feeling of fullness in her stomach. Amelia has a feeling of trying to swallow something that won't go down. She also has itchy, dry skin. Cat psychic also picked up a sweet smell - like cake (probably the junk food I love). Wonderful experience.

I cannot imagine a world without my beautiful pets, Amelia and Gambit. They have truly blessed my life.

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