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Sally is a former Junior High Science Teacher at St. Pascal School
and Attended Northeastern Illinois University & University of Northern Iowa and Marquette Public School Sally is also a screenwriter. Please have a look at the fist act of Sally's latest script, Beyond The Cart

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My Writing Experiences

My first attempt at writing a play happened when I walked in on Tim Carpenter’s 14 week writing class, “Writing Your Show of Shows” at Burbank Senior Artists Colony (BSAC) in 2007. It was a collaborative venture of 28 wonderfully creative and talented people. I listened and marvelled at the ideas that were thrown out, disregarded, reworked and finally put into a play called “Mistaken Identity”. I was fortunate enough to be part of the staged reading at our facility. It was hilarious and well received by our residents. It was so good that we took it on the road and performed at the Burbank Adult School. In 2012, I brought the script out and once again it was performed here at BSAC. Many different actors, but the comedy was still just as funny.

I was fortunate enough to be part of the staged reading at our facility. It was hilarious and well received by our residents.

My next adventure in writing happened to be a screenplay.

Joseph Caro, screenwriter and videographer, taught a screenplay writing class at BSAC in 2012. Each student wrote a two-minute screenplay, cast it, found a location to shoot it, dressed the set and actually shot the video, with the help of Joseph. I wrote “Damsel in Distress”. This was a great adventure, and taught me A LOT about show don’t tell.

BSAC brought in Melanie McQueen to write playwriting class in November of 2011 BSAC

Melanie pushed us to be our best and listened to rewrite after rewrite. By the end of the class I presented it to The BSAC Players and they urged me to produce it. I had my first taste of directing at this time and loved it. My play, “Keys, Guns and a Crystal Ball” was performed in June of 2012. I was glad for the experience I received in Joseph’s class, as I had to dress the set for all five scenes and it was quite a job. Had lots of help from resident artists in producing the backdrops.

I was ready for the screenwriting class offered in 2014.

Yolanda Buggs, our instructor and a screenwriter, challenged us to produce a screenplay and submit it into competition. Sixteen weeks of working my buns off produced “Beyond the Cart”. Yolanda urged me to submit it to BlueCat Screenwriting Competition, which I did. I just made the deadline and it was really difficult to push the send button on my computer, sending my work out into the world. I am very happy I did because I received a detailed critique of my work. Parts they liked and parts I could improve upon if I so chose. That idea is rattling around in my head. I may rework it and send it off to another completion in the near future.
First Scene of Beyond The Cart

I have always been an avid reader, especially of mystery novels.

Have “talked” to many authors in my head, asking them why they did such and such, how they could possibly have their character do what they did. Always said I could write a better mystery. In December 2013, on my 80th birthday, I decided it was time to put my money where my mouth is. Spent all of 2014 writing my mystery novel, Betrayal. I am spending 2015 revising it. Also learning about agents. When I first began writing all I wanted was a book with my name as author on it. Can do that easily and very cheaply through Amazon. However, after listening to people who have read the manuscript tell me that it really is a good book, have decided to shop it around to agents. If I can find one to represent me, fine. If not, will self publish. Either way, I will have a book in my hand with my name on it as author.

Synopsis of BETRAYAL

by Sally Connors
A male prostitute is murdered. Susan Hall, the young P.I. protagonist, becomes involved when her grandfather, who disowned her long ago, employs the firm she works for to investigate the murder. Susan’s narcissistic grandmother is a person of interest. Her firm decides not to take the case. Susan quits and pursues the case on her own. She investigates her grandparents’ sordid past and brings up painful memories and drags family skeletons out of the closet. Susan believes she wants to exonerate he grandmother but works in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, the prostitute’s madam, his lover and his family provide many twists and turns through which she navigates. Homicide detective, Greg Saunders, provides a romantic interest. She learns to look for the truth. However once she finds it, she struggles with using it to exonerate her hated grandmother. In the climactic scene, Susan realizes she values the truth over her hatred. Investigating her grandparent’s past teaches her to appreciate the present and she works on her relationship with her mother, whom she felt abandoned her in favor of her ill sister in her childhood. Betrayal is a concurring theme in the lives of all of the book’s characters. By the conclusion Susan has found redemption.

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